You could be wasting thousands of pounds per year through undetected leakage.

Underground leaks on pipe work can lead to costly damage. As the wasted water soaks in to the ground, it could cause it to subside and if in an essential part of the site it could cause disruption or loss of business and productivity.

An average leak will waste approximately 20 litres per minute, costing £26,300.00 per year.

Our highly experienced leakage surveyors are able to pin point leaks keeping the cost of repairs and disruption to a minimum.

Our leak detection surveys include;

  • Meter location and testing
  • All mains pipe work being located and mapped
  • Current flow rates measured and average daily usage calculated
  • Pressure tests conducted
  • Leak traced using specialist equipment and techniques including; digital leak noise correlators, Ground microphones and tracer gas. 

Once the leak has been located our engineering teams can carry out the full repair or relay of pipe work and reinstate all surface types.

Our account managers will then follow up the repair with the water company supplying your property and negotiate a refund for the lost water.

Worried your premise has a leak? Send your details to and our team will contact you.


With our unique four step process we ensure all opportunities are identified and achieved.
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Bill Analysis Potential savings and on-site issues are identified and reported.
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Water Audits
Site audits are completed, savings are confirmed and recommendations are reported.
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Implement Recommendations
Efficiency equipment is installed, leaks are repaired, account investigations are completed and savings are achieved.
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Ongoing Validation
Bills and consumption are continually monitored, any anomalies are rectified and changes in consumption are investigated on-site.
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