Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) provides 24/7 monitoring of you properties usage, highlighting leakage and inefficiency issues when they occur.

AMR data logging provides data from your meter eliminating estimated bills and detecting leaks when they occur, ultimately reducing water charges. The actual data also allows us to target high usage areas and put in place targeted reduction schemes.

The data logger itself is a small wireless device installed directly to your revenue or sub meter, taking regular meter readings and reporting to an online system, where all your data is analysed.

With the latest low powered radio technology we are now able to provide real time data and log all of your utilities with a ‘hub’ device reducing installation and reporting costs.

The AMR data loggers also allow us to;

  • Benchmark your properties daily and annual usage
  • Compare usage with other sites in your portfolio
  • Monitor specific areas or a whole site
  • Monitor the effectiveness of consumption reduction projects

If you would like more information on AMR data logging or to find out if your site would benefit from a data logger, please send your details to and our team will contact you.

With our unique four step process we ensure all opportunities are identified and achieved.
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Bill Analysis Potential savings and on-site issues are identified and reported.
Aqua House
Water Audits
Site audits are completed, savings are confirmed and recommendations are reported.
Aqua House
Implement Recommendations
Efficiency equipment is installed, leaks are repaired, account investigations are completed and savings are achieved.
Aqua House
Ongoing Validation
Bills and consumption are continually monitored, any anomalies are rectified and changes in consumption are investigated on-site.
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